We are a company that executes a gold mining project under a sustainable operational methodology.

We work in accordance with the standards of the International Standardization Organization (ISO), the mining principles of The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), and the parameters of reporting mining information in accordance with the provisions of the Australian Code for the Report of Results of Exploration, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (the JORC Code).

Mining Projects

For the development of our mining projects, we follow a methodology that pursues excellence, maximum use of resources and minimum environmental impact.



For the development of our projects, we begin with the identification and search of the ore deposits.


Next, we make a careful distinction of the shape, type and amount of resources available.


The methodology for the extraction of the prospects is planned.


It is executed with high safety and quality standards considering technical, economic and environmental factors; also, it takes into account the production indicators for monitoring and control.

Mineral Processing

It is the gradual process of mineral separation and concentration.


The environmental remediation actions necessary for the mining project to be sustainable are continuously planned, executed and applied.

Gold Concession
“Cerro El Cume”


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Years of  concession


Prospection and Exploration

Environmental Remediation Project "Green Au"

It is a project that is based on ISO 14001 and refers to environmental management systems, established by the International Standardization Organization, in order to offer solutions for the environmental remediation of mineral processing plants, by the leaching method, and small-scale mining, which generate an environmental liability through the tailings lagoons that they have to store metallurgical waste in obtaining gold.

Tailings remediation of gold ore leaching plants

Green Au will be in charge of treating these lagoons in order to remedy this environmental liability, through a self-sustaining process, since it reduces the concentration of polluting agents to limits allowed by international standards and executes a subsequent recovery of gold mineral and restores the storage capacity of the lagoons.

Processing of primary material from small mining

Small-scale mining is characterized for using heavy metals as a chemical gold recovery agent, which is inefficient and highly polluting. Therefore, Green Au offers a sustainable alternative that consists of the recovery of free gold through gravimetric concentration techniques and centrifuges, increasing the yield by approximately 65%.

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